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Sean Patrick Flannery as Seff O'Rourke

Seff Tiernan O'Rourke was a Human Starfleet Officer serving in the 24th century.

Early Life

Born in 2346 to one of the Keltic Confederation's powerful ruling clans, The O'Rourke's, where he grew up wealthy and privileged on New Ireland. Unfortunately his mother died in childbirth and the career of his father Richard kept him away most of the year. He was a michievous and rebellious child, mainly raised by the household staff until 14, when he was sent to a prestigious military academy.



O'Rourke in 2365

In 2365 he was arrested on Vulcan as he landed a cargo shuttle containing disrupter rifles believed to be enroute to the Vulcan Isolationist Movement at the Shir'Kahr spaceport. While awaiting trial the USS Thomas Paine arrived at Vulcan for shore leave. Captain Rixx visited the court and arranged a deal: O'Rourke signed a confession as to what he knew of the cargo's origins and enlist in Starfleet.

The next day a shuttle carrying O'Rourke, Rixx and two security officers left Vulcan for Tellar.


Upon arriving to Tellar's Recruit Training Center O'Rourke was processed in, and trained as an enlisted member of Starfleet. High test scores and his natural ability for piloting would have seen him sent on to Starfleet Officer Candidate School if not for the circumstances of his enlistment. Instead he next headed for Shuttlecraft and Flight Training on Andoria. While there he also attended Artic Survival School and learned to wield the chaka.

After training on Andoria he was assigned to the courier USS Tybalt in 2367. After a year serving aboard the courier he was admitted to Starfleet Officer Candidate School, then was assigned to the USS Cario as a Flight Controller.


By 2371 he was a Lieutenant and a test pilot for the USS Talon at Starbase 315. That same year he transferred to the USS Lionheart as Navigation Officer.

Dominion War

During the joint Starfleet-Klingon raid on the Toros III Shipyards O'Rourke was taken prisoner by the Dominion.

Aftter his rescue he served in Starfleet Special Operations until mid 2375 when he assumed command of the USS Lionheart.


In early 2376 O'Rourke took the Lionheart into the newly formed United Maquis Confederacy on a humanitarian mission. During the mission the ship was hijakced my the Maquis military and the majority of the crew were marooned on Devix IV. O'Rourke and MD3 Gayle Hendricks were tortured and eventually set adrift in an escape pod.

After being rexcued by the USS Starquest he was court-martialed and found guilty of negligence of command. The court sentenced him to nineteen months at the Jaros II Stockade.

After four months new evidence was declassified by Starfleet Intelligence and his conviction was overturned.

By 2378 he was an operative of Starfleet Special Operations.

Personal Life


The Bolian command officer pulled O'Rourke's future out of the fire at the right moment, and continued to look in on him throughout his career.

Edward Jellico

Jellico mentored O'Rourke when came aboard the Cairo as a freshly commisioned Ensign. The two discussed his career over drinks after the Cairo's memorial service aboard Starbase 372.

Roger Deict

Nikolas Stone

Susanne Flame


Peter Madison

Jack McCall

The first meeting between the two ended with harsh words and a target lock of the USS Vander's rear photon torpedoes locked on a shuttle O'Rourke was leaving the ship on until it was out of range. Later years were stand offish, though O'Rourke considered McCall one of the finest officers he knew.

Combat Skills

O'Rourke was a master of many weapons, including swords, knives, the Andorian chaka, firearms, phasers and disrupters.


O'Rourke Family Broadsword

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