The Shakespeare class was a type of courier in service to Starfleet during the 24th century, with the prototype being launched in 2334.

Though classified as a courier, the ships often performed patrol and interdiction duties.

At times they would carry engineering teams, workbees and augmented personnel modules to perform maintenance on unmanned equipment.

They were normally commanded by a Lieutenant and carried a crew of 25, mostly enlisted, with room for 38 passengers.

Two warp capable shuttles were normally carried aboard.

The Shakespeares had a top speed of warp 8.92 as of 2370.

Known VesselsEdit

USS Shakespeare* USS Lear * USS Tybalt * USS Mercutio * USS Capulet * USS Claudius * USS Montague * USS Fortinbras * USS Hamlet * USS Juliet * USS Laertes * USS Gertrude * USS Ophelia

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