Sitak was a Vulcan Starfleet officer who held the rank of Vice Admiral in the 2370s.

In 2373 she commanded the Sixth Fleet's 523rd Tactical Wing from her flagship, the Galaxy class USS Merryweather.

In 2374, Fleet Admiral Robert Skinner sent her to a strategy meeting to represent the Sixth Fleet aboard Starbase 375. Once there Captain Benjamin Sisko presented her and Admiral Coburn with "Operation Return", his plan to retake Deep Space 9.

He attempted to convince them that Deep Space 9 was extremely important to the war effort, as by controlling Deep Space 9 they would also control the wormhole. Sitak was skeptical but agreed, as the retention of the minefield would mean the Dominion would be forced to fight without its reinforcements. (DS9: "Favor the Bold")

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