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[[File:Defiant-front.jpg|thumb|300px|right]]Welcome to the Star Trek: The Lionhearted Wiki
This is the official wiki page for the Star Trek FanFic Star Trek: The Lionhearted.
==Welcome to the Wiki==
'''Star Trek: The Lionhearted''' is a [ fan fiction] written by Seth A. Roark. The first six seasons ([[2371]] - [[2376]]) take place aboard the [[USS Lionheart (NCC-74208)|USS Lionheart]]. It is ''very'' loosely based on the ''USS Enforcer'' Play By Email (PBEM) from the late 1990s.
Only one story is online at this time, "New Orders", which is currently undergoing a major rewrite. The series takes a lot of [ LUG Trek] info as canon and several novels, while for the most part ignoring Voyager.
==First Season Cast==
*[[Gedna Tachion]], played by Alan Rickman - [[Commanding Officer]]
*[[Kiva]], played by CGI - [[First officer|Executive Officer]]/[[science officer|Science Officer]]
*[[Renee Boyce]], played by Helena Bonham Carter - [[Chief medical officer|Chief Medical Officer]]
*[[Mala Corwin]], played by Allison Mack - [[Nursing Officer]]
*[[Christoffer Williams]], played by Brandon Routh -[[Second Officer]] /[[Chief of Security]]
*[[Graw Arkan]], played by CGI - Assistant Chief of Security
*[[Sarah Roberts]], played by Brenda Strong - [[Internal Tactical Operations]] [[Leading Chief Petty Officer]]
*[[Roger Deict]], played by Dennis Hopper - [[Chief engineer|Chief Engineer]]
*[[Jason Meadows]], played by Casey Affleck - [[Assistant Chief of Engineering]]
*[[Michael Garrett]] (Episodes 1-4)/[[Seff O'Rourke]], played by Sean Patrick Flannery - [[Navigation Officer]]
*[[Angelica Cazzarros ]](Episodes 1-4)/Lieutenant Commander [[Nikolas Stone ]]- [[Operations Manager/Officer|Operations Officer]]
*[[Spencer Stone]] - [[Assistant Science Officer]]
*[[Kimberly Chilton]], played by Shannon Sossamon - [[Defensive Technologies Officer]]
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