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Starbase 12

Starbase 12 was a Starfleet space station.

Constructed in 2163 as a test of Starfleet's long-range capabilities, it was refit, upgraded and practicality rebuilt numerous times during its service life.

The starbase was located in the Alpha Quadrant's Sector 25712, near both the Romulan and Klingon Neutral Zones. 

It served as a command base for the entire sector patrol vessels in areas where the three nations' borders met.

Both the USS Enterprise and its fourth successor visited several times.

The starbase had starship construction facilities, producing numerous vessels for Starfleet.

The USS Essex was based out of the station at the time of its disappearance.

In 2364 the starbase was evacuated for two days.

USS Altair under construction

In 2368 at least four starships were under construction.

The USS Bozeman was brought to the station after emerging from a temporal causality loop on stardate 45652.1.

The USS Honorific and USS Roderick were under construction in the early 2370's but were both were renamed.

During the Dominion War, almost a third of the starbase's personnel were transferred to starship duty and were not immediately replaced.

The USS Dauntless and USS Sovereign were assigned to the starbase 2378.

Vessels Built[]

USS Naegling

USS Arizona

USS Grigni

USS Altair

USS Enterprise-E

USS Bozeman-A