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Starbase 315

Starbase 315 was a Starfleet space station in orbit of BeTau IV commissioned in 2331 orbiting BeTau IV.

The nearby New London Fleet Yards were under her command, and many starship crews stayed aboard the station while there ships were being constructed, repaired or refit.

Type X phaser arrays and four photon torpedo launchers made up the stations armaments, supplemented by auxiliary and docked spacecraft.

Four personnel, ten cargo and four emergency transporters, as well as Jefferies Tubes and turbolifts allowed personnel to move around the station freely.


Captain Thomas Riley was the CO at this time.

The crew of the USS Lionheart assembled aboard the station while their ship was being constructed.

Federation Council Member Pol was imprisoned on the station for nine days after being charged with treason.

A Starfleet armada tasked with rescuing Starfleet and Federation personnel from Heret IV after the Pintarri Domain mined the Heret System and deployed a small fleet within it was coordinated from the starbase.

After the attempted hijacking of the Lionheart, several Maquis were imprisoned aboard while awaiting trial. ("Pall Bearers")

Commander Geltrik was the station's Commander of Auxillary Craft in this year.  He was more than happy to sign off on Seff O'Rourke's transfer to the Lionheart. ("Pall Bearers")

By 2385 the starbase's Executive Officer was Commander Kara Evans.


Captain Thomas Riley Commanding Officer  (2371)

Commander Geltrik - Commander of Auxillary Craft  (2371)

Lieutenant Seff O'Rourke - Test Pilot ( - 2371)

Ensign Kara Evans - Shuttle Pilot  (2369 - 2371)

Commander Ren K'tarr - Starfleet Intelligence Officer

Lieutenant - Chief Science Officer

Lieutenant Commander  - Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant Commander - Chief of Operations

Lieutenant Commander - Chief of Security

Lieutenant - Tactical Officer

Lieutenant Commander  - Diplomatic Officer

Master Chief Petty Officer - Commander Master Chief

Lieutenant Commander  - Flight Operations


Lars Ericsson - United Federation Intelligence Service

Professor Golic

Doctor Velissa Kerrigan

Vice Admiral Tullaran - 27th Federation Merchant Marine Commander


Star Drifter Lounge - a five star restarnt

Auxillary Craft[]

USS Talon - Talon class prototype scoutcraft

USS Elkhorn - Danube class runabout

(3) Danube class runabouts

(12) shuttlecraft

315-07 - travel pod

(50) Workbees

Deck Chart[]

1 - 3 - Command Section

4 - 8 - Administrative Section

9 - 10 - Sceince Departments

11 - 25 - Residential Sections

26 - Commercial Section

27 - 28 - Engineering Section

29 - 31 - Cargo Holds

32 - Shuttlebay

33 - 35- Docking Facilities