Starbase 324 was a starbase in service to Starfleet in the 24th centurty.

Starbase 324

A large amount of the facility was dedicated to weapons and defense research.

After Wolf 359 Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Shelby began a division based on the starbase solely dedicated to defending against the Borg threat.

In 2372 a research team, including Commander Stefan Bartok and Ensign Kimberly Chilton, brought their research and equipment to the starbase from Minos.

In 2373 work was begun on shield technology to resist the Dominion's polaron beam weapons.  A shuttle was equipped with the new shields, but it and its crew were captured by the pirate Pol.  The shuttle and crew were recovered by members of the USS Lionheart, and the new shields were distributed to the Fleet in time for the Dominion War.  ("Risan Holiday")

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