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Starbase 341

Starbase 341 was a space station serving in Starfleet during the 24th century.

When the Dominion War broke out the USS Loki was assigned to the starbase as added security.

In early 2374Starfleet Command decided the starbase's position was undefendable due to their early losses.  They sent a six-ship armada under Captain Nikolas Stone to evacuate the station.

The runabouts and shuttlecraft left under the protection of the USS Perth as the station's database was erased and its resources offloaded.  When a twenty ship strong Dominion force arrived, the USS Lionheart and Loki fought a holding action, aided by two of the starbase's fighters, while the rest of the ships continued the evacuation.

Admiral Connelly stayed behind on the starbase, using tractor beam emitters to ensnare three Jem'Hadar fighters and destroyed them along with the starbase via the self-destruct.  He was the only Starfleet casualty in the battle.  ("A Starbase Too Far")


Commanding Officer

Admiral Eric Connelly

Executive Officer Charles

Commander Kavix

Chief of Operations

Commander Mu'ic

Chief of Security

Lieutenant Commander Lyle Anderson

Fighter Pilots

Lieutenant Commander (Squadron Commander)

Auxiliary Craft[]

12 Carrera class Impulse Fighters

USS Elestan

USS Arno

USS Ishika

USS Sekong

USS Yuba

13 shuttlecraft

9 workbees