Starfleet's Command School was a fourteen-week course for newly commissioned Command Department officers or Fleet officers transferring to the department and in line for Executive or Commanding Officer positions.  It was one of the few courses where an individual must complete all training in person at Starfleet Academy.

Prerequisites include Branch Officer Training and Bridge Certification Training.

Officers, who referred to as Command Candidates regardless of rank, are taught effective command of a starship, Federation tactics, and given an extensive immersion in Starfleet Regulations.  Each serves a two-week tour as Commanding Officer of the USS Republic, commanding a crew of junior officers and cadets in a variety of mission throughout the Sol System.

The final test is called the Kobayashi Maru Scenario.

After graduation Command Candidates receive a class ring.

The school also fielded a soccer team that competed against those of other schools.


Command Systems

Starfleet Regulations

Starship Command

Starship Maneuvering

Starship Tactics (Federation and at least one other government)

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