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Stenn was aVulcan Starfleet Officer serving in the 24th century.

As a child, Stenn, son of Alidok, was ridiculed for his shorter stature.

He studied under Vulcan Master T'Van and served a lengthy tenure at the Vulcan Science Academy before joining Starfleet.

He served for fifteen years on board various starships, first as a specialist in subspace mechanics, working his way up to Chief Science Officer of the USS T'Pau.  While in that position a paper he wrote on electromagnetic wave in subspace prompted the Federation Science Council and Starfleet Command to have him transferred to the Office of Scientific Research.

There he supervised the development of improved subspace communications relays, eventually improving communications speeds at light speeds.

By 2371 he was a Fleet Admiral and served as Starfleet's Chief of Research and Exploration.  That year he ordered the USS Lionheart to host a trio scientific teams and their experimental devices to detect cloaked vessels.  ("Blinded By Science")

Peers in Starfleet often cited his single minded devotion, with no room for excuses or delays.