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Surak class ASDB image

The Surak class was a type of light cruiser serving in Starfleet during the 24th century. Its typical missions were merchant convoy protection and combat support for larger vessels.  A radical departure from standard the Starfleet designs that incorporated a saucer section, many called it a gigantic shuttlecraft.

Another supporting role was that of maintenance and repairs when I tender was not available.  Four workbees were onboard to aid in engineering support for larger vessels and were housed on Deck Three.  Its passenger space was often taken up by an engineering team. The USS Le-Matya was the last vessel commissioned.

Technical Specifications[]

Surak class Master Display

Eleven decks and 50 living compartments housed a normal crew of 34, with room for 18 passengers.  There was additional space for 240 in case of an emergency.  140 eight-person escape pods were carried.

Deck 1 - Bridge, Impulse Engines, Deuterium Storage

Deck 2 -

Deck 3 - Workbee Storage

Deck 4 - Travel Pod storage, Computer Core

Deck 5 - Computer Core

Deck 6 - Computer Core

Deck 7 - Shuttlebay

Deck 8 - Shuttlecraft Storage/Maintenance, Main Engineering

Deck 9 -

Deck 10 - Navigational Defelctor

Deck 11 -Torpedo Launchers, Photon Torpedo MAgazine

Warp 9.2 could be maintained for 12 hours, though the ships normally cruised at 6, via its type 6B nacelles and class 5/H warp core.

The vessels were armed with five type IX phaser arrays, as well as two forward photon and aft torpedo launchers. each capable of six torpedo spreads, and normally carried 40 photon torpedoes in its magazine. 

During the build up to the Dominion War several vessels' received an underslung module with a forward type X pulse phaser emitter two quantum torpedo launchers.

In addtion to the four workbees, five shuttles and a single travel pod were normally present.

Known Vessel[]

USS Surak

USS Gah'tal

USS Le-Matya

USS T'klath

USS Banterer

USS Selok

USS Gaul

USS T'mor

USS Nirak

USS Syrran

USS Augustus

USS Sehlat

USS Vethek

USS Dehli

USS Senet

USS Solek

USS Wyvern

USS Vigilant

USS Zapata