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T'Para was a Vulcan serving in Starfleet during the late 24th century.

Vanessa Hudges as T'Para

She was named for a legendary Vulcan Master.

Early Life[]

T'Para was born on the Federation colony of Menith II in 2340.

Starfleet Officer[]

T'Para graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2372, majoring in Mathematics and Temporal Mechanics.

From there she was posted to the USS Gideon's Science Department.

In late 2373 she was one of six survivors when the ship was destroyed during the joint Starfleet-Klingon Defense Force raid on the Torros III Shipyards.  The survivors' escape pod was brought aboard the USS Lionheart during the battle and T'Para was pressed into performing medical care on the ship's wounded.  ("Declaration")

The survivors were later absorbed into the Lionheart's crew, with T'Para becoming the ship's new Science Officer.

Prior to Operation Return, she was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.  ("Operation Return")

When the USS Camelot stardrive was restaffed to serve as Commodore Nikolas Stone's flagship she came aboard as Chief Science Officer.