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T'nela was a Vulcan diplomat in the 24th century.

Mia Sara as T'nela

Most of her career was spent was spent as the Confederacy of Vulcan's Envoy to the United Earth Embassy on Vulcan, though in her early days she served as an aide to Curzon Dax.  He requested her services again when the (unnamed species) applied for Federation membership, but she declined.

She had two sons, Nikolas and Spencer Stone, with her husband Jacob Stone.  She also had a foster daughter, Susanne Flame.  The latter had a son, Damion, with Seff O'Rourke.

In 2372 her children took shore leave and visited her family's ancestral estate in the city of Ta'vistar.  They arrived in the shuttlepod Sarkhova, which sparked the interest of the V'kar due it to being an armed vessel parked on civilian grounds.  She was not happy with its presence or the V'kar showing up.  ("Ponn Farr")