Tal Wegg was a Betazoid serving in Starfleet during the 24th century.

Orlando Bloom as Tal Wegg

He was born on Betazed, in the city of Dekoa in 2346.

He was known to have a fondness for utaberry wine and Earth jazz.

Starfleet AcademyEdit

In 2360 he enrolled in Starfleet Academy, and was placed in the same training squad as Sonya Gomez.  After graduation he was granted a three year leave of absence to earn dual medical and psychiatric degrees.

Starfleet OfficerEdit


USS Bozeman

In 2368 he returned to Starfleet and was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, assigned to the team evaluating the time displaced crew of the USS Bozeman.  He first met Gedna Tachion on the assignment.  He was not popular with the ship's crew, many resenting him and taking their anger out at him during sessions.

USS Odyssey critically damaged

Destruction of the USS Odyssey

His next posting was a temporary one to the USS Yorktown, enroute to retrieve survivors of the recently destroyed USS Odyssey at Deep Space Nine.

He aided the cruiser's medical staff, which didn't have a counselor onboard, in asessing the survivors' mental well being.  Many felt cheated that their shipmates had died in battle while they were safe at the station.

Due to a fear of continued hostilities in the Bajor Theater of Operations, he was assigned to Starbase 375 as a mission specialist, to aid in hot spots with his pychiatric skills, and to a lesser extent his medical ones.  He took part in missions along the Demilitarized Zone, aiding in search and rescue operations for both the USS Equinox and Voyager.

In 2372 he finally managed to secure a permanent shipboard posting, as assistant medical officer and ship's counselor aboard the USS Lionheart.

Gedna Tachion, the ship's commander, welcomed him aboard but warned him not to poke and prod too much.

USS LionheartEdit

He came aboard the Lionheart along with Tanyo Sortyn, David Mitchell and Thomas Reighchopps. ("New Blood")

When the Lionheart put into port on Vulcan as part of its publicity tour, he assured Flame that he could handle things while she was on leave.  He would later treat both Jobe and O'Rourke after their duel.  ("Ponn Farr")

Prior to the raid on the Torros III Shipyards, he transferred to a search and rescue runabout stationed aboard the USS Saipan.  His last act aboard Lionheart was to confirm Flame's pregnancy.  ("Declaration")

Dominion WarEdit

Wegg spent the Dominion War back on Starbase 375, helping his fellow service members cope with the effects of combat, particularly Federation members.

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