Theodrich Patterson was Starfleet engineering officer during the 24th century. 

Dakin Matthews as Theodrich Patteson

He spent the majority of his career at Utopia Planitia, and by the early 2360s was in command of the shipyard.  After assuming command he enjoyed greeting new ship commanders as they came aboard ships built at the shipyard for the first time.

In the early 2350's he was teaching fractal calculus at Starfleet Academy, and ended up mentoring cadet Kathryn Janeway.


Patterson showing Janeway the Voyager's bridge

He was very hands-on with the development and construction of the Intrepid class line of starships, and in 2371 he greeted Janeway when she came aboard the USS Voyager to assume command.  As proud as he was of the state of the light cruiser, he was even prouder of her for rising to command it.  He took her loss very hard, and the casualties of conflicts following did nothing to improve his outlook.

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During the Dominion War, he oversaw numerous rushed new ship constructions and refits of older vessels.  At one point he led a large number of mostly recommissioned vessels to a rendezvous with the USS Lionheart.  He commanded the flotilla from the USS Stargazer.  ("Reinforcements")
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