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The Third Battle of Vulcanis was a battle that took place between the Federation Alliance and Dominion forces in the Vulcan System on stardate 51893.2.

A few days after the destruction of the Seventh Fleet at the Tibor Nebula, Dominion forces began their third assault on Vulcan.  Determined to spare the Vulcan System any further damage and keep his beleaguered fleet intact, Fleet Admiral Salok set his primary defense perimeter outside of the system's Oort Cloud.

Eris' rebuilt fleet, almost 400 vessels strong, found what they expected: a badly outnumbered and apparently demoralized Starfleet force.  However, the 72 ships from the 31st Fleet and twenty-one vessels from the Sixth Fleet were hiding in the Oort Cloud.  Eighteen cloaked Klingon vessels running quiet lurked four minutes out.

The initial clash lit up the nighttime skies of Vulcan .  Aboard the USS Gibraltar, Salok analyzed the interplay with fabled Vulcan calmness, moving his wings like pieces on a kal-toh board .  After several hours, he judged the time right and ordered a partial withdraw towards Vulcan.

Eris, determined to chase them all the way to the steps of Shir'Kahr's capitals after her previous defeats, took the bait.  That's when the ships 93 ships hidden in the Oort cloud pounced, catching the Dominion in a crossfire and taking forty-seven ships out of the fight in the first nine minutes.  The Klingons decloaked behind them with a photon torpedo volley targeted by the runabout Trakhue .  Another six ships were taken down.  The retreating forces reversed course, and pursuit vessels were lead by the USS Kludy, which accounted for five destroyed ships during the battle, two of which were battlecruisers.

Cut into pieces and unable to quickly regroup, Eris' forces broke off and retreated after an hour.  Destroyer and fighter wings harassed the retreating Dominion forces until they reached the safety of their own lines in Betazoid space.  Less than half of their fleet survived, where as the Federation Alliance suffered only 37% casualties.  Never again would the Dominion directly threaten Vulcan.


Fleet Admiral Salok - Fifth Fleet

Vice Admiral - 31st Fleet

Commodore Nikolas Stone - Sixth Fleet vessels

HoD K'temoc - Cloaked Klingon vessels

Eris - Dominion Forces


USS Lionheart * USS Halstatt * USS Indar * USS Kludy * USS Gibraltar *USS Midway *USS San Marino *USS Red Cloud * USS Cuirassier *USS Gorgophone *USS Mattis  * USS Blackthorne * USS Zulu * USS Jackelope * USS Chivalry * USS Thunderbolt * USS Phoenix * USS Kirishima *USS Horatio *USS Lakota *USS Kirtland *USS Hancock * USS Eowyn *USS Caras * IKS Hurg'ragh *USS Arizona * USS Lee * USS  Onizuka * USS Heracles * USS Earhart * USS Beowulf * USS Augustus * IKS PoTH * IKS Kov'iX * IKS Soo'peTH * IKS K'stav * USS Kludy * USS Pompey