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Thomas Capone was a Human serving in Starfleet during the 24th century.

Michael Pitt as Thomas Capone

He was born in the city of Chicago on Earth in 2349.

Rumors abounded that his family was descended from notorious gangster Al Capone.

Starfleet Academy

After the Academy Capone enrolled in the Medical Division, graduating from Starfleet Medical Academy in2372.

He was posted to the USS Gideon after the Academy.

Starfleet Officer

Coming aboard the Gideon Capone was assigned to head an emergency trauma team that responded to emergencies throughout the ship.

During the raid on the Torros III Shipyards, he was treating EM2 Krolli near the ship's auxiliary control room when a torpedo barrage hit.  He helped carry the injured engineer to a nearby escape pod, following four other crew members.

They were rescued by the USS Lionheart and absorbed into the escort's depleted crew.  ("Declaration")

He served under Lieutenant Flame in the ship's medical department.  When she left for Vulcan to give birth he became the Lionheart's Chief Medical Officer.

After the loss of the Lionheart, he was transferred to USS Perth.

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