Tigelis VII was the seventh planet in the Tigelis System and part of the Romulan Star Empire's Tiber Sector.

The planet had two moons and a ring, which was considered greatest natural wonders of the Empire.

A year on the planet was 368, 28 hour days and gravity was 1.1 times that of Earth.

The colony was old by the late 24th century, and its inhabitants' staunch support of D'era and the Romulan way of life, its cultural mores and trends echoing the Romulan core worlds.

Ronikar served as the capital residence and of the planetary governor, located near the Arex Sea.

In 2370 the planet, along with the rest of the Tiber Sector, had an outbreak of Phylox Plague.  Planets affected were quarantined, and Romulan medical efforts were simply not sufficient to treat those affected.

In 2372, during talks after the Battle Psellus, Senator Jollen Merek and Ambassador Cal West negotiated to a USS P'Trell to visit the planet with a team of specialists, among them Renee Boyce and diplomatic envoy Leena Goraya.

The visit lasted eight months, and a vaccine was created, but no cure for those already afflicted.

Notable LocationsEdit

Arex Sea

Jolannian Mountains


Notable InhabitantsEdit

Jollen Merek

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