T carver

Sean Harris as Trent Carver

Trent Carver was a Kelt engineer and later bartender in the 24th century.

He grew up on New Ireland, where his father was a butcher.

He spent a tour in the Keltic Militia as a shuttle technician.  After his service, he hopped onto a fuel freighter instead of returning to his father's butcher shop.

At some point, prior to 2362 he ran across the crew of the Leprechaun's Lady and was taken aboard as an engineer.

When Seff O'Rourke came aboard, he ended up as Carver's bunkmate.  The two became good friends.

When he returned to New Ireland, he turned his father's shop into a pub, named The Carver's Block.  When O'Rourke was accosted by members of Clan O'Grady in 2371, he hopped the bar with a meat cleaver in hand to back up his old friend.  ("Prodigal Son")

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