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The USS Arizona was a Nebula class heavy cruiser that served in the Sixth Fleet during the Dominion War.

The heavy cruiser was under construction at Starbase 12 in 2368.  ("Bozeman")

After the war she was the second Starfleet vessel to enter the Gamma Quadrant, sending out multiple long-range probes and reestablishing communications with several species in that region of space. Shortly thereafter she was assigned as the command ship for all Starfleet operations in the quadrant.

She also visited the former colony of New Bajor and was joined by the USS Defiant to survey the planet for possible recolonization.  ("Gatekeeper")

The vessel later participated in the construction of Outpost Gamma One.

During its time in the Gamma Quadrant Arizona made first contact with six species and charted three worlds that would later become Federation colonies.


She was named for the US Navy battleship Arizona that was sunk during the Japanese raid at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7, 1941.