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The USS Brazen was a Centaur class destroyer serving in Starfleet during the 24th century.

She was commissioned in 2339 from the Salazzar Shipyards under Captain Y'sol.

In 2344 she participated in Search and Rescue operations for the USS Enterprise-C.

By 2345 she was still part of the Second Fleet and put on alert for a possible outbreak of hostilities with Gorn Hegemony.

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USS Brazen in drydock.

Brazen and six of her sister ships were upgraded and structurally overhauled in 2360 due to lessons learned during the recent conflicts with the Cardassians and Tholians.

She left Utopia Planitia on stardate 41137.2, shortly before the USS Enterprise-D was commissioned.

In 2372 her crew was granted shore leave on Sherman's Planet
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Engaging the IKS Feri'Hok

Shortly thereafter she engaged and destroyed the IKS Feri'Hok after the Klingon Empire withdrew from the Khitomer Accords.  The battlecruiser had transporting ground troops and weapons in an attempt to allow the Klingon colonists on the planet to assume control of the jointly settled world.

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In 2373 Captain Gedna Tachion assumed command of the vessel forty-five minutes before it left Starbase 43.

That same year she led a task force to the Demilitarized Zone to safeguard evacuating colonists and Maquis in the face of Dominion slaughter, serving as   ("Exodus")

Dominion War

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At the outbreak of the war, she was part of the Seventh Fleet and flagship for Vice Admiral Kellisix and the 53rd Tactical Wing.

At the Battle of Tyra, she was destroyed, but a runabout and her bridge module launched away from the ship successfully.  The runabout was destroyed and the bridge module's crew were taken, prisoner.  ("Battle of Tyra")

Nine of her crew, Gedna Tachion among them, were rescued from a Dominion Prisoner of War Camp, with several hundred other prisoners.  ("Familiar Faces")

Crew members

Captain Y'sol

  • Commanding Officer (2339 - ?)

Captain Gedna Tachion

  • Commanding Officer (2373 - 2374)

Commander Melody Lucerno

  • Executive Officer (? - 2374)

Lieutenant Commander Arok

  • Second Officer/Chief of Security (? - 2374)

Lieutenant Zolian

  • Chief Medical Officer (? - 2374)

Lieutenant Kelfi Soleo

  • Chief Engineer Officer (? - 2374)

Lieutenant Natalie Volga

  • Chief Navigation Officer (? - 2374)

Lieutenant Soreng Goz

  • Chief Operations Officer (? - 2374)

Lieutenant Arsel Bonin

  • Chief Science Officer (? - 2374)

Lieutenant Junor Grade Mary DeSoto

  • Medical Officer (? - 2374)

Intelligence Specialist Master Chief Petty Officer Riffani

  • Command Master Chief

Auxiliary Craft

USS Orge

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