USS Brazen

The USS Brazen was a Centaur class destroyer serving in Starfleet during the 24th century.

In 2373 Captain Gedna Tachion assumed command of the vessel forty-five minutes before it left Starbase 43.

That same year she led a task force to the Demilitarized Zone to safeguard evacuating colonists and Maquis in the face of Dominion slaughter.  ("Exodus")

Dominion War

At the outbreak of war she was part of the Seventh Fleet and the flagship for Vice Admiral Kellisix and 53rd Tactical Wing.

At the Battle of Tyra she was destroyed, but a runabout and her bridge module launched away from the ship sucessfully.  The runabout was destroyed and the bridge module's crew were taken prisoner.  ("Battle of Tyra")

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