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The USS Camelot was aGalaxy class Heavy Cruiser that served in the Sixth Fleet during the Dominion War.

An Excelsior class vessel bore the name prior.

She was launched from the San Fransisco Shipyards in 2369.

In 2372 the ship was drydocked atStarbase 19 for an eight-week refit.

Dominion War[]

At the opening of the war, Lieutenant Commander Rebecca Gallagher was her Chief Engineer.

During Operation Return her saucer section took heavy damage and Gallagher was forced to separate it during the battle, sacrificing everyone aboard it to save the stardrive and keep the ship in the fight.  Even though her actions saved the stardrive, it was still badly damaged and was towed into orbit of Prophet's Landing to await repairs.

While there Commodore Nikolas Stone used the ship's facilities to coordinate to serve as an orbital defense platform and shuttle port.

After returning from a Special Operations mission, Fleet Captain Gedna Tachion assumed command of the vessel he began restaffing the crew as repairs progressed.  During the repairs, Stone officially made the Camelot his flagship and Gallagher was promoted to XO.

On stardate 51905.4 the Camelot led a task force consisting of the Grant, Musketeer, and Kligat to search for Dominion vessels in the Styx Rift in order to set the stage to take the Kalandra Sector back from the Dominion.  ("Perdition's Flames")

The Camelot took part in the invasion of Cardassia.  

Later Service[]

The vessel remained Stone's flagship after the war and transported him and several officers to Deep Space Nine the following year. ("Gatekeeper")

As of 2379, the Camelot had yet to receive a new saucer section.

Crew Manifest[]

Captain Andrew Castillo (2374) - Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Commander Rebecca Gallagher  - Chief Engineer (2372-2374) - Executive Officer (2374 - 2378)

Lieutenant Commander Arok - Chief of Security/Second Officer (2374 - 2378)

Lieutenant Commander Atirias th'Qalren  - Chief Engineer (2374)

Systems Technician Chief Petty Officer Raul Hurtado (2374)

Lieutenant Mary DeSoto - Chief Medical Officer (2374)

Lieutenant Prudence Salyers (2374)

Lieutenant Junior Grade Skama (2374) - Shuttle Pilot

Ensign Jason Tenorholic (2374 - 2375)

Lieutenant Dalet (2374) - Chief of Operations

Lieutenant Monshe (2374) Chief Science Officer

Engineer's Mate Master Chief Petty Officer Kolp - Command Master Chief (2374 - 2377)

Auxiliary Craft[]

Merim - Captain's Yacht, arrived with the saucer section

Calypso - Captain's Yacht, formerly assigned to the USS Enterprise-D