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USS Cochrane at the newly renamed Deep Space Nine in 2369

The USS Cochrane was the last Oberth class research vessel originally built for Starfleet during the 24th century, and by 2370 was usually tasked with transport duties.

The vessel was the first to reestablish contact with the failed Earth colony on Turkana IV in 2352.

On stardate 46379.1  the ship transported several members of Starfleet to the former Terok Nor ore mining station in orbit of Bajor.  It left the station with a group of Bajorans hoping to join Starfleet at the Starfleet Academy Annex on Psi Upsilon III, among them Meridian Janos.

In April of 2370, the ship's probe launcher was modified to fire micro-photon torpedoes.

She received several refurbished components from the scrapped USS Hargrave in 2374.

During the Dominion War, it served in the Ninth Fleet and by stardate 51721.3 the ship had lost at least sixteen crew members, including two Captains.