The USS Defiant was a Defiant class heavy escort entering Starfleet in 2375.

She was originally named the Sao Paulo, and on stardate 52889.3 she was delivered to Deep Space Nine by William Ross and placed under the command of Benjamin Sisko with a special dispensation to change the vessel's name to Defiant.

When Nikolas Stone assumed command of DS9 he assigned a permanent crew to the escort in early 2376.  She departed the station shortly after the crew as aboard to rendezvous with the USS Arizona and begin a survey of New Bajor prior to the recolonization of the planet.

Crew (2376)Edit

Robert Webb - Commanding Officer

Thomas Jones - Executive Officer

Sebastian Adler - Second Officer/Chief of Operations

Siav - Command Chief/Engineer

Ebrahim Prais  - Chief Medical Officer

Jeanno Onei - Chief of Security

Nog - Chief Engineer

P'yon Si-U - Chief Navigation Officer

Mulki - Chief Science Officer

Manuel Guitarra - Phaser Controlman

Auxillary CraftEdit

01 Crawford - 10

02 Scott-Padgett - 10

03 Vizard - 18

04  Kilpatrik - 18

05 Wagstaffe - 18

06 Pardoe - 18

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