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The USS Gorkon was an Excelsior class cruiser serving in Starfleet during the 24th century.

From the late 2360s until 2375 the vessel served as Alynna Nechayev's flagship.

Commander Esperanza Piniero was named as her CO when Nechayev moved her flag to the USS Sovereign in 2376, with Commander Christoffer Williams as her XO, Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant Commander Susanne Flame, and Lieutenant Spencer Stone as Navigation Officer.  Instead, Piniero opted to retire, leaving the center seat vacant. 

With a lack of qualified officers due to the attrition rate of the Dominion War, Williams was given the command for a probationary period of eighteen months. ("Gorkon ")

Later that year she transported Ambassador Cal West to Psellus III, and then was assigned to the First Fleet.

In 2377, at the end of the probationary period, Williams was named her permanent CO and promoted to Captain.

In 2378 the vessel, along with three other vessels were thrown back in time 472 years in orbit of Andor.  ("Roots of Cor'sala")

In 2379 she joined the Demeter, Macaibo, and Fiat to patrol the Titan System after Shinzon's assault on the USS Enterprise-E.

While one of these last Excelsiors built, it was still outdated by the time it became Nechayev's flagship. She used her influence and rank to keep the vessel as modern as possible during her tenure.

Quantum Torpedoes

Metaphasic Shields

Emergency Medical Hologram Mark III

Saucer Separation

Auxiliary Craft[]

01   - 6

02   - 6

03   - 6




07 - Chech'lw - 11








USS , NCC-7 , Danube class Runabout

Known Upgrades[]

Quantum torpedo launchers

Holographic bartenders and cooks

Emergency Medical Hologram

Metaphasic shields

A set of living quarters on Deck 13 had been reconfigured as a workspace for Nechayev's aide in the 2370s, Commander Writghtwell, when he was aboard the vessel. Intelligence, fleet operations and many other tasks could be performed from here.

Crew as of 2376[]

Christoffer Williams - Commanding Officer

Sasho - Executive Officer

Sarah Murdock - Chief Engineer

Susanne Flame - Chief Medical Officer

Qlayts - Chief of Security  

Spencer Stone - Navigation Officer

Dalet - Chief of Operations

Abhi Bekhchi - Chief Science Officer/Second Officer

Liluye Entris - Commander Master Chief

Other Personnel as of 2376[]

Damion O'Rourke - child