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The USS Hargrave was an Oberth class science vessel serving in Starfleet during the 24th century.  The ship made numerous first contacts and pushed the boundaries of Federation knowledge throughout its service history.

Service History[]

By 2365 Patricia Rivers was serving as XO and Chief Science Officer of the USS Hargrave.  That year the ship encountered a quantum singularity, heavily damaging the Oberth class science vessel, killing several crew members, including its commander Captain Paul Tripper.  She assumed command and managed to limp the ship at warp three to Starbase 41.  After making repairs the Hargrave headed for Utopia Planitia for an overhaul.   She was awarded the Starfleet Medal of Honor for her actions.

Rivers, newly promoted to Commander, officially assumed command of the Hargrave in 2366 at Jupiter Station.

In 2368 the Hargrave left Starbase 243 on deep space exploration along with the Foxhound, T'Plana-Hath, and Pushataha.


In 2371 the ship was returning from the deep space exploration en route to the New London Fleet Yards in the BeTau Sector where Rivers was to relinquish command and the vessel was to undergo a two-year overhaul and refit.  detoured to the Celes System to rendezvous with the USS Reston, where Gedna Tachion and Roger Deict transferred aboard.  ("New Orders")

The Hargrave was diverted to deal with the discovery of stasis chambers onHeret IV, with Tachion and Deict departing aboard the shuttle Leela. While in orbot of Heret IV the ship was attacked by a trio of Pentarri Cruisers, leaving it adrift. The ship was eventually towed to the yards where she was broken down into salvage components. ("Battle of Heret")

The USS Cochrane received several refurbished components from the Hargrave in 2374.


Commanding Officer

  • Paul Tripper (2365)
  • Patricia Rivers - (2366 to 2371)

Executive Officer

Second Officer

Chief Medical Officer

Chief of Security

Chief Engineer

Navigation Officer

Operations Officer

  • Nikolas Stone - (2368 to 2371)

Chief Science Officer

Auxiliary Craft[]

Leela - Type 6 Shuttlecraft