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USS Horsehead

The USS Horsehead was a Nebula class heavy cruiser serving in Starfleet during the 24th century

The vessel was launched from the San Fransisco Fleet Yards in 2357.

The vessel served in the Fourth Fleet during the Dominion War.

By 2377 it was commanded by Captain Putel ch'Vassik'ii.   That same year Seff O'Rourke was assigned to the vessel as Third in Command and Navigation Officer.   He reported aboard via the runabout Tamesis from Starbase 42.


Captain Putel ch'Vassik'ii

  • Commanding Officer (2377)

Commander Alison Pryce

  • Executive Officer (2375)

Lieutenant Commander Seff O'Rourke

  • Second Officer/Navigation Officer (2377)

Lieutenant Commander

  • Chief Medical Officer (2377)


  • Chief of Security (2377)


  • Chief Engineer (2377)


  • Operations Officer (2377)


  • Chief Science Officer (2377)


  • Chief Counselor (2377)

Auxiliary Craft[]

USS Tamesis

USS Vigor

USS Virtue

USS Courage