The USS Kludy ​was a Galaxy class heavy cruiser serving in Starfleet during the 24th century.

She was launched in 2365 and was the first of her class to not be built at Utopia Planitia .

In 2372 she was reassgined from exploration duties to serve as flagship for the Fifth Fleet due to hostilities with the Klingon Empire and the Dominion threat.

By stardate 51893.2 she had been replaced as the Fifth's flagship by the USS Gibraltar, and was later the command ship of a heavy cruiser wing under Captain Myria Lillian , the former XO .

During the Third Battle of Vulcanis she destroyed two battlecruisers and three other vessels, and led the counter attack to push Dominion forces out of the Vulcan System.

After the Dominion War the Kludy​ oversaw reconstruction efforts on Benzar .

In 2377 she was selected as the flagship for Operation Slingshot

Her sacuer section was transferred to the USS Camelot, which had lost its during Operation Return ,and a larger one was installed.  This saucer was actually designed to serve as an orbital space station and would be seperated upon arrival.  A larger battle bridge was also installed, with seven bridge stations.

​Crew MembersEdit

Myria Lillian

  • Commanding Officer (2374)
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