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[[File:Stwallpaper11.jpg|thumb|USS Lionheart]]
[[File:Stwallpaper11.jpg|thumb|USS Lionheart]]
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{{Starship-sidebar<br />| image = Defiant Class.jpg<br />| name = USS Lionheart<br />| ncc = NCC-74208<br />| class = Defiant<br />| type = Heavy escort<br />| affiliation = {{fs}}<br />| launched = 2371<br />| status = Active<br />}}<br />The '''USS ''Lionheart'' (NCC-74208)''' was the third ship of the {{class|Defiant}} and was launched from the [[London Fleet Yards]] on March 24th of [[2371]] under the command of [[Captain]] [[Gedna Tachion]]. (''[[Star Trek: Lionhearted]]'': "New Orders")
==Command crew==<br />*[[Commanding Officer]]:<br />**[[Captain]] [[Gedna Tachion]] ([[2371]]-[[2373]])<br />**[[Commander]]/[[Captain]] [[Nikolas L'cas Stone]] ([[2373]]-[[2374]])<br />**[[Fleet Captain]] [[Gedna Tachion]] ([[2374]])<br />**[[Lieutenant Commander]] [[Seff Tiernan O'Rourke]] ([[2375]])<br />*[[First Officer]]:<br />**[[Commander]] [[Kiva]] ([[2371]]-[[2372]])<br />**[[Lt. Commander]] [[Christoffer Williams]] ([[2372]]-[[2373]])<br />**[[Lieutenant Commander]] [[Vor]] ([[2373]])<br />**[[Lieutenant Commander]] [[Seff Tiernan O'Rourke]] ([[2373]])<br />**[[Lieutenant]] [[Vor]] ([[2373, 2374-2375]])<br />*[[Second Officer]]:<br />**[[Lt. Commander]] [[Christoffer Williams]] ([[2371-2372]])<br />**[[Lt. Commander]] [[Nikolas L'cas Stone]] ([[2372-2373]])<br />**[[Lieutenant]] [[Seff Tiernan O'Rourke]] ([[2373]])<br />**[[Lieutenant Commander]] [[Vor]] ([[2373]]-[[2374]]))<br />*[[Chief Engineer]]<br />**[[Lieutenant]]/[[Lieutenant Commander]] [[Roger Deict]] ([[2371]]-[[2373]])<br />**[[Lieutenant]] [[David Mitchell]] ([[2373]]-[[2375]])<br />*[[Chief of Security]]<br />**[[Lt. Commander]] [[Christoffer Williams]] ([[2371]]-[[2372]])<br />**[[Lieutenant Junior Grade]]/[[Lieutenant]] [[Meridian Janos]] ([[2372-2375]])<br />*[[Chief Medical Officer]]<br />**[[Commander]] [[Renee Boyce]] ([[2371]]-[[2372]])<br />**[[Lieutenant]] [[Susanne Flame]] ([[2372]]-[[2374]])<br />**[[Lieutenant]] [[Thomas Capone]] ([[2374]]-[[2375]])<br />*[[Ship's counselor]]<br />**[[Lieutenant Junior Grade]] [[Tal Wegg]] ([[2372]]-[[2373]])<br />*[[Navigation Officer]]<br />**[[Lieutenant Junior Grade]] [[Michael Garrett]] [[(2371]])<br />** [[Lieutenant Junior Grade]]/[[Lieutenant]] [[Seff Tiernan O'Rourke]] ([[2371]]-[[2373]])<br />*[[Chief of Operations]]<br />** [[Lieutenant]] [[Andrea Cazzaros]] ([[2371]])<br />**[[Lt. Commander]] [[Nikolas L'cas Stone]] ([[2371-2373]])<br />** [[Lieutenant Junior Grade]]/[[Lieutenant]] [[Jobe]] ([[2373]]-[[2375]])<br />*[[Science Officer]]<br />**[[Commander]] [[Kiva]] ([[2371-2372]])<br />**[[Lieutenant Junior Grade]] [[Spencer Stone]] ([[2372]]-[[2373]]<br />**[[Ensign]]/[[Lieutenant Junior Grade]] [[T'para]] ([[2373]]-2375]])<br />*[[Tactical Officer]]<br />**[[Lieutenant]] [[Vor]] ([[2371]]-[[2372]], [[2373-2375]])<br />** [[Lieutenant Junior Grade]] [[Kimberly Chilton]] ([[2372]])
{{Defiant class starships}}<br />{{DEFAULTSORT:Lionheart 074208}}

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USS Lionheart

| image = Defiant Class.jpg
| name = USS Lionheart
| ncc = NCC-74208
| class = Defiant
| type = Heavy escort
| affiliation = Template:Fs
| launched = 2371
| status = Active
The USS Lionheart (NCC-74208) was the third ship of the Template:Class and was launched from the London Fleet Yards on March 24th of 2371 under the command of Captain Gedna Tachion. (Star Trek: Lionhearted: "New Orders")

==Command crew==
*Commanding Officer:
**Captain Gedna Tachion (2371-2373)
**Commander/Captain Nikolas L'cas Stone (2373-2374)
**Fleet Captain Gedna Tachion (2374)
**Lieutenant Commander Seff Tiernan O'Rourke (2375)
*First Officer:
**Commander Kiva (2371-2372)
**Lt. Commander Christoffer Williams (2372-2373)
**Lieutenant Commander Vor (2373)
**Lieutenant Commander Seff Tiernan O'Rourke (2373)
**Lieutenant Vor (2373, 2374-2375)
*Second Officer:
**Lt. Commander Christoffer Williams (2371-2372)
**Lt. Commander Nikolas L'cas Stone (2372-2373)
**Lieutenant Seff Tiernan O'Rourke (2373)
**Lieutenant Commander Vor (2373-2374))
*Chief Engineer
**Lieutenant/Lieutenant Commander Roger Deict (2371-2373)
**Lieutenant David Mitchell (2373-2375)
*Chief of Security
**Lt. Commander Christoffer Williams (2371-2372)
**Lieutenant Junior Grade/Lieutenant Meridian Janos (2372-2375)
*Chief Medical Officer
**Commander Renee Boyce (2371-2372)
**Lieutenant Susanne Flame (2372-2374)
**Lieutenant Thomas Capone (2374-2375)
*Ship's counselor
**Lieutenant Junior Grade Tal Wegg (2372-2373)
*Navigation Officer
**Lieutenant Junior Grade Michael Garrett (2371)
** Lieutenant Junior Grade/Lieutenant Seff Tiernan O'Rourke (2371-2373)
*Chief of Operations
** Lieutenant Andrea Cazzaros (2371)
**Lt. Commander Nikolas L'cas Stone (2371-2373)
** Lieutenant Junior Grade/Lieutenant Jobe (2373-2375)
*Science Officer
**Commander Kiva (2371-2372)
**Lieutenant Junior Grade Spencer Stone (2372-2373
**Ensign/Lieutenant Junior Grade T'para (2373-2375]])
*Tactical Officer
**Lieutenant Vor (2371-2372, 2373-2375)
** Lieutenant Junior Grade Kimberly Chilton (2372)

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