USS Lionheart in orbit of Sol III.

In late 2372, the USS Lionheart was ordered to begin a publicity tour of the Federation's founding planets.  The idea was to show off the Defiant class and reassure the Federation's citizen that Starfleet still had theability to defend them.

The order was Vulcan, Earth, Andor, Tellar and Alpha Centauri.

Federation Councillors from each world came aboard from each world prior to the start of the tour, save Councilor Matthew Mazibuko of Earth, who stayed to attend to Federation Security Council matters with the other fours' proxy votes in case of an emergency.  Caroline McCallister would go in his place.

Each councillor met with members of their deglegation while onboard, and dpearted upon reaching their homeworld.


On Vulcan Jobe's wedding occurs, though not without a serious misstep.  ("Ponn Farr")


The crew attends the USS Valdemar's change of command ceremony. ("Andorian Christmas")




Alpha CentauriEdit

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