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The USS Lonestar was a Nova class scout that served in the Sixth Fleet during the Dominion War, serving as part of the 101st Tactical Wing and commanded by Captain Cedric Harris.

Already brought up to spaceframe status, the looming threat of the Dominion saw her refit along the lines of the Defiant Pathfinder vessel designed by Captain Gedna Tachion.  Changes included ablative armor, a larger warp core that increased her top warp speed of 9.351 and a more powerful type IX phaser array.

Captain Harris assumed command of the vessel prior to her launch from the San Fransisco Fleet Yards in 2373.

Dominion War[]

The vessel rendezvoused with the Sixth Fleet shortly after the raid on Torros III.

It was later part of the task force that liberated a Dominion POW Camp hosting Gedna Tachion and Seff O'Rourke.  ("Familiar Faces")

After the War[]

After the Dominion War, the vessel arrived at Prophet's Landing prior to patrolling the UFP-Breen Border to take on crew replacements, including Jobe, T'rok Gensing, and David Mitchell. During the patrol, the Lonestar used a large number of probes in conjunction with its advanced longe range sensor array to vastly expand Starfleet's knowledge of the Breen Confederacy's space.  ("Lonestar")

In early 2377 Jobe assumed command of the scout.

Crew Members[]

Commanding Officer (2373 - 2377)

  • Captain Cedric Harris (2373 - 2377)

Executive Officer

  • Commander Alexis Colson (2373 - 2374)
  • Lieutenant Commander Torit sh'Koliser (2374 - 2375)
  • Lieutenant Commander/Commander Jobe (2375 - 2377)
  • Lieutenant Commander Kenneth McDowell (2377)

Chief Medical Officer

  • Lieutenant

Chief of Security

  • Lieutenant Commander Preme (2374)

Navigation Officer

  • Lieutenant Commander Aijo (2374 - 2375)
  • Lieutenant T'rok Gensing (2375)

Operations Officer

  • Lieutenant Peggy Willis (2375)

Chief Science Officer  (2374)

  • Lieutenant Kenneth McDowell (2375 - 2377)

Chief Engineer

  • Lieutenant/Lieutenant Commander David Mitchell (2375)