Sydney docking
The USS Mongoose was a Sydney class transport that served in the Sixth Fleet during the Dominion War.

It served as a transport between Bajor and Deep Space Nine after the station was moved in 2369.

When Federation personnel fled the Bajoran System at the start of the Dominion War the Mongoose could only reach warp three and was left behind in orbit of Bajor V.

After Operation Return Commodore Nikolas Stone requesitioned it as a transport for the 101st Tactical Wing.

A pair type V phaser emitters and a micro quantum torpedo launcher were installed on the ship.  Its warp core was replaced allowing it to reach warp 5.8.  ("Familiar Faces")

After the war the ship was assigned to the Bajoran Sector and one of its duties was ferrying crews back and forth from Deep Space Nine and Gamma Station.  ("Gatekeeper")

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