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USS Oglala

The USS Oglala was a Cheyenne class deep space cruiser serving in Starfleet during the 24th century.

In late 2376 construction began on the vessel at the newly formed Bajoran Shipyards, a joint effort between Starfleet and Bajoran Space Guard. 

The ship would be homeported at the New Bajor colony in the Gamma Quadrant and would explore uncharted space for months at a time.

Part of the agreement was that a member of the Bajoran Space Guard would serve as Second Officer, and twelve percent of its crew (42) would be members as well.

Launched in November of 2377 under the command of Captain Potho sh'Vah'rich, she was one of the most diversly crewed starships in the fleet.  139 of her 350 crew members were not Human, the majority, of course, were Bajoran, with Benzites, Vulcans, and Andorians making up the next largest groups.  ("Oglala")

Major Koyo Behirn, previously Tactical Officer of the (USS Hathaway) served as Second Officer and commander of the ship's Bajoran Space Guard detachment.

As there were several joined Trill serving aboard the cruiser, the Trill Symbiosis Commission arranged for Doctor Dulon Kegi, an expert in Trill and Symbiont Physiology, be stationed aboard the vessel as a civilian specialist.  Special medical equipment was installed to care for symbionts.

Its first mission after being commissioned was to resupply of Heimdall Station, followed by a high warp journey to New Bajor in order to further test its warp drive and ability to shift propulsion between nacelle pairs.

While at New Bajor several crew members, including sh'Vah'rich, spent three weeks settling their families on the colony prior to a five-month exploration mission along the Denkiri Arm.

Prior to the Denkiri Arm exploration, the cruiser returned to Heimdall Station carrying GeneralIyram Ragha, Commander of the Bajoran Space Guard, who had been visiting New Bajor.

First Command Crew[]

Captain Potho sh'Vah'rich - Commanding Officer

Commander Apurba Matri - Executive Officer

Major Koyo Behirn - Second Officer

Lieutenant Rochus Halma - Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant Seha - Chief of Security

Lieutenant Gisele Ryal - Chief Engineer

Lieutenant Corida Taurinus - Chief Navigation Officer

Lieutenant Sl'ohna - Chief of Operations

Lieutenant Commander Lemeeh Keears - Chief Science Officer

Bajoran Detachment[]

Command Department[]

Major Koyo Behirn

Security Department[]

Lieutenant Eckto Doluca

Master at Arms First Class Ibir Traic

Species Breakdown of First Crew[]

Human  - 211

Bajoran - 42

Benzite - 17

Andorian - 14

Vulcan - 14

Trill  - 10

Centauran - 9

Axanari - 8

Betelegeuse - 8

Zaldan - 7

Efrosian - 7

Napean - 5

Bolian - 1

Auxillary Craft[]

01 USS Standing Bear

02 USS Rexroat

03 USS Payabya

04 USS Kuinyan

Jervassi - Captain's Yacht