The USS Rapier was a Saber class Light Escort that served in the Sixth Fleet's 101st Tactical Wing during the Dominion War, under the command of Commander Stacey Decker.

By 2373 the Rapier was part of the Starfleet Typhon Task Force, operation out of Deep Space Five, and on constant guard for a new Borg invasion.

The same year the vessel led the USS Lionheart through a minefield in the Cauldron System.

Later that year, she, the Lionheart and nine other vessels joined the Sixth Fleet in preparation fo the Dominion War.

Dominion WarEdit

The Rapier participated in the raid on the Torros III Shipyards as part of a wing including the Lionheart and Kligat.  ("Declaration")

She was part of the task force commanded by Captain Nikolas Stone to evacuate Starbase 314.  During the battle, the vessel was left adrift along with her crew due to overwhelming Dominion forces arriving on the scene.  Starfleet believed the vessel was destroyed and her crew lost. 

However, her commander and twetny-three other crew members were captured and placed in a Dominion POW camp. ("Familiar Faces")

By the 25th century, she had been succeeded by the Rapier class of escorts.

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