USS Robinson docked at Deep Space Nine

The USS Robinson was a Galaxy class heavy cruiser that served in Starfleet starting the mid-2360's. 

By 2371 she was under the command of Captain Joseph Louis and serving in the First Fleet.

That year she was receiving a refit at Starbase 39-Sierra and was present during negotiations with command level officers of the Romulan Star Navy for Emerson Ames' release.  Captain Louis took part in the talks.  ("Aiding & Abetting")

Prior to the Battle of Psellus the Robinson offloaded her civilian crew on Arteline IV.  Once there it commanded a unit including the Lionheart and Los Angeles.  The three vessels broke through the Romulan lines and achieved orbit of Psellus III.  During the attempt, the Robinson suffered serious damage to her right nacelle and lost warp power before her shields failed.  A plasma torpedo blasted through the center of her saucer section destroying her bridge and every senior officer, save Lieutenant Lefok, Chief Engineer, and Lieutenant Commander Brendon Shrevor, Assistant Chief Security Officer.  The latter was preparing to lead an away team to the surface, but instead took command of the vessel from the battle bridge.  In all the Robinson suffered 71 casualties.  ("Armistice Part II")

After the battle, a fleet tender repaired damage to the Robinson.  Newly promoted Captain Kiva, formerly of the Lionheart, assumed temporary command.  The ship left the Psellus System to retrieve is civilian crew and then further repairs at Starbase 25.  Lieutenant Satchio Nakamura served as temporary Chief Science Officer during the journey.  ("Assuming Command")

Crew RosterEdit

Commander Porter

Second Officer/Chief of Security (2365 - 2371) Lieutenant Commander Brendon Shrevor

Assistant Chief of Security (2369 - 2371)

Acting XO (2371)

Lieutenant Lefok

Chief Engineer (2370 - ????)

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