Merced class

Merced class

The USS Sohar was a Merced class light escort that served in the Sixth Fleet during the Dominion War.

By 2373 the vessel was under the command of Lieutenant Commander George Peterson, with Lieutenant Kelva pulling double duty as XO and Navigation Officer.

When the Sixth Fleet formed up prior the raid on the Torros III Shipyards, she was assigned to the 101st Tactical Wing's Escort Wing Two, commanded by Captain Nikolas Stone from the USS Lionheart.  He and his CHENG David Mitchell did an inspection of the vessel prior to the raid.  ("Declaration")

In early 2374 the escort was part of a task force to evacuate Starbase 341.  ("A Starbase Too Far")

Several crew members were killed Operation Return, including Peterson, resulting in the XO assuming command.

Kelva would command the Sohar for the remainder of the war.

The vessel was named for a type of ship found in the Second Edition Dungeons and Dragons manual, Of Ships and the Sea.

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