The new runabout by euderion-d5xvy1g

USS Somme by Euderion

The USS Somme was a Danube class runabout assigned to Deep Space Nine in 2376.

It was offloaded from the USS Camelot along with mission modules allowing it to serve as a task force command vessel for Rear Admiral Nikolas Stone.  Its crew was normally commanded by Josefina Cespedes.  ("Gatekeeper")

The Somme would be responsible for installing a series of sensor buoys round the wormhole and DS9 that would operate as a tachyon detection grid.  The runabout had been modified with a pair of rails to carry four buoys at a time.  In a normal six-hour period it could have eight buoys operational.

It would routinely escort First Minister Shakkar's private transport from Bajor Orbital to the station.

Stone later used the runabout for his honeymoon with Stacey Decker.  ("Wedding Bells")

It later transported Stone to Bajor so he could attend the commissioning of the USS Oglala

Crew (2376)Edit

LTJG Josefina Cespedes (H,F)

NVCN Danielle Lewdin (H,F)

OS1 Rakin Salhi (H,M)

STC Kanun Per (T,M)

PC3 Tathoan ch'Risren (A,M)

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