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The USS Starquest was a Constellation class Light Cruiser that served in the Sixth Fleet during the Dominion War.


In 2372 command of the vessel was assumed by Captain Kiva during a refit at the Copernicus Shipyards. During the refit, she received several parts from decommissioned Constellation class vessels, including the navigational deflector and lower two warp nacelles from the USS Antiope.

Her first mission after refit was to investigate an unstable wormhole near the Ngame Nebula to determine if the Dominion could use it travel from the Gamma Quadrant. During the mission problems arose with the newly installed navigational deflector.


She became part of the 523rd's Tactical Wing's light cruiser wing for the duration of the Dominion War.


A week after Operation Return she detected a large group of mixed species on a world that had reverted to Federation space after the Dominion retreat.  Human, Romulan, Klingon, Cardassian, Jem'Hadar on one world was hard to explain.  Further examination with long-range sensors showed what appeared to be a POW Camp.  ("Familiar Faces ")


In 2378 the Starquest completed a 9-month refit and upgrade at Starbase 3, and was chosen to be part of Operation Slingshot, replacing the USS Iroquois (NCC-71777). ("Slingshot")

Crew Roster[]

Kiva (Commanding Officer 2372)

Smitri Ubhav - Executive Officer 2372 - 2374

Satchio Nakamura (Science Officer 2372-2374, Executive Officer 2374)

Jason Meadows (Chief Engineer 2372)

Gasish - Chemistry Head  2372 -2374, Chief Science Officer 2374

Mazen Sabbag - Chief of Security 232 -2374

Graw Arkan - Chief of Security 2374

Hiro Nakumura - Chief Medical Officer 2372

Kara Evans - Chief Navigation Officer - 2372

Tisyhl zh'Sholul - Chief of Operations 2372, Second Officer 2374