The USS Tripoli was Hok'ule'a class starship serving in Starfleet from the early 24th century until the 2360s.

Patricia Rivers was assigned to the ship in 2336.

Brought back into service for the Dominion War, she was assigned to the Second Fleet as a replacement vessel on stardate 51094.7.

The Tripoli participated in Operation Return.  She suffered heavy damage and suffered high casualties during the battle.

She was later towed to Prophet's Landing to await repairs.

Captain Rivers, now in command of the USS Iroquois, sent an engineering team to the vessel to effect minor repairs during a stop at the planet in 2375.

In 2376, still in orbit of Prophet's Landing, she was turned over to the Bajoran Space Guard.

She was succeeded by an Iwo Jima class vessel, NCC-76457.

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