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USS Voyager in Earth orbit

The USS Voyager was an Intrepid class light cruiser serving in Starfleet during the 24th century.

Launched in 2371 under the command of Captain Kathryn Janeway, the vessel was lost while on a mission into the Badlands to capture the Maquis vessel Val Jean.

Christoffer Williams' father Eric was Leading Chief Petty Officer of the ship's Security Department.  He was killed while manning Voyager's tactical station during a battle with the Kazon in 2372.

The vessel was officially declared lost in 2374.

On stardate 51462 Voyager managed to contact Starfleet via a Hirogen communications network.

When Voyager returned to the Alpha Quadrant in 2378, Eric Williams' remains were turned over to his family.


Very little of Star Trek: Voyager will ever be referenced in Star Trek: The Lionhearted, due to the fact I don't care for it for a variety of reasons.  But its canon, so it is included.