The USS Yeager was a Constellation class deep space explorer serving in Starfleet during the 23rd and 24th centuries.

Construction began in 2274.

Patrolling the newly formed Cardassian border and deep space explorations of the area were its typical assignments during the 2330s.

In 2330 Paul Tripper was assigned to the vessel as a first contact specialist and linguist. 

In 2332 the Yeager deployed a cultural observation team, including Tripper, to Terop Prime.

In 2334 it was attacked by a warship from the Ubarrak Primacy.  During the battle targetting systems went offline, as well as fire suppression systems.  Tripper made his way through a fiery compartment to bring the sensors back online.

It was proceeded in Starfleet service by Daedalus and Cardenas class vessels., then succeeded by a Saber and its own class.

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