USS Yellowjacket departing the USS Lionheart

The USS Yellowjacket was a type 10 shuttlecraft assigned the USS Lionheart upon its launch in 2371.

The shuttle was named for a type of Earth wasp whose venom Gedna Tachion, and many Humans, have a severe allergic reaction too.

She was used to transport an away team to the surface of P80-AS, and later for engineering teams in the Tarellian System to perform maintenance on quarantine buoys. ("Homecoming")

Later that year she was used by an away team from the Lionheart to rescue the crew of the USS Thames from the Mirror Universe. ("Shattered Mirror")

During the Lionheart's humanitarian mission to Naussica, the shuttle transported the medical team to the surface and served as a power generator for the planet's Starfleet Medical Clinic until the USS Pasteur arrived. ("Meltdown")

She was eventually replaced with the Maverick by 2373.

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