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Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards

Utopia Planitia was a major Federation shipyard located on both the surface and in orbit of Mars

In 2370 Christoffer Williams was serving as a Security Team Leader, and along with Commander Kiva, foiled a Maquis theft.

In 2371 the USS Horatio began space trials, the Blazer had its warp core replaced, the tug Hogan was fitted with new tractor beams, the Voyager and Serova are launched.

In 2372 the Centaur class Unicorn and Troll were being refit and the Lonestar was launched. ("001")

Ships Constructed[]

USS Fredrickson

USS Galaxy

USS Yamato

USS Enterprise-D

USS Equinox

USS Odyssey

USS Defiant

USS Voyager

USS Sao Paulo

USS Magi

USS Mowe

USS Horatio

USS Hakkaido

USS Ambassador

USS Cheyenne

USS Melbourne

USS Serova

USS Zandura