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Indira Varma as Damra

Vei Drama was a Betazoid diplomat during the 24th century.

She was born on the Betazoid colony of Trennes III in 2309.

An avowed pacifist, she wholeheartedly believed that the only road to prosperity and growth for the civilizations of the galaxy was a peaceful, interdependent existence.

After graduating from the Universtity of Betazed with a degree in Intergalactic Affairs, she took a job with the Federation Diplomatic Service.  During her time in the service, she was hostile and openly criticized Starfleet, feeling they should be subservient to the diplomats.

She was serving as the Federation Ambassador to Trillius Prime in 2368 when Jaresh-Inyo won the race for President of the United Federation of Planets and appointed her Chief Diplomat.

In 2371 she had a screaming match with Jaresh when he allowed the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps to handle the negotiations for the release of Emerson Ames instead of her office.  She threatened Fleet Admiral Edward Proudfoot Sr. that if he screwed this up she would see him crucified in the media.  Jaresh ordered her to leave his office, and either draft an apology or her resignation letter.  She chose the former.  ("Aiding & Abetting")

Damra was off-planet during Robert Leyton's attempted coup in 2372.

Due to her antagonistic relationship throughout her career with Starfleet, Min Zife did not allow her to continue with the FDS when he took office in 2373.  She retired to Trill and began writing her memoirs, and voiced extremely vocal criticisms in the press about Starfleet's failures during the Dominion War.

She attended Jaresh's funeral in 2380 much to the displeasure of many of his former Cabinet and family members.

LUG Trek StatsEdit

Administration 3

Bureacratic 5
Manipulations 4

Culture 2

Betazoid 3
Trill 4

Diplomacy 4

Intergalactic Affairs 5

Intimidation 3

Bluster 4


Betazoid 3
Federation Standard 3
Trill 2

Law 2

Interstellar 4
Federation 3
Trill 3

Persuasion 2

Oratory 4

Social Sciences 3

Political Science 5

World Knowledge 2

Earth 3
Trennes III 3
Trill 3


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