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The Vereleus class was a type of dreadnought fielded by the Romulan Star Navy during the late 24th century.

The latest and most advanced, as well as the largest, vessel of the Romulan Empire's fleet, the Vereleus builds on the success and lessons learned from the D'Deridex and the first vessel was launched in 2371.

With a crew of 1,850 and space for 6400 passenger, the ship's complimented is larger than some space stations.

Type L Disrupters, with Class XIV Plasma and Type G-II Singularity Torpedoes (the only vessels as of 2373 to employ them) make up its impressive armaments, protected by Type R-IV Phased Deflector Shields. By itself it can take on multiple ships, possibly even task forces.

Able to reach warp 9.6, the vessels are virtually a warp capable fortress.

Known Vessels[]

Vereleus * Pilaron * Sor * Tovarek * Veletan * Enem * Marrus