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The Wambundu class was a type of heavy cruiser used by Starfleet during the 24th century.

Launched in 2328, design actually began shortly after the Tomed Incident and was intended to give Starfleet a heavier and better armed vessel than the Excelsior class in case the Romulans reemerged in force.  The Wambundu's ​were actually lapped in production by the Ambassador class.  The two were designed with radically different parts, and the Galaxy class actually shows a lineage to them.

Patrolling the chaotic and dangerous frontiers of the early 24th century Federation was their typical mission profile.

The class frequently served as a testbed for new, experimental systems that ended up seeing widespread use throughout the Fleet.  The class reached its zentih with the introductoin of the Perimeter Defense Directive line of ships and the Galaxy class.  Many were refitted for other duties, such as the Fleming​ becoming a large medical transport vessel.

Twenty-seven decks and 645 living compartments housed a normal crew of 560, with room for 110 passengers.  There was additional space for 6,550 in case of an emergency.  160 eight person escape pods were carried. 

Warp 9.4 could be maintained for 12 hours, though the ships normally cruised at 6, via its type 6C4 nacelles and class 9/0 warp core.  .9c was achieved via a class 6 impulse engines.

By the mid 2360's the vessels were armed with seven type X phaser arrays, as well three forward photon torpedo launchers and a single aft ome, each capable of a eight torpedo spreads, and normally carried 100 photon torpedoes in their magazines.  A class 4 shield generator protected the vessels.

For auxillary craft 10 shuttlecraft and five shuttlepods were normally carried.

Known Vessels[]

USS Wambundu

USS Drake

USS Ogun

USS V'torrekh

USS Doyle

USS Fleming