Mark Harmon as William Callisto

William Callisto was a Human Starfleet Officer serving during the 24th century.

He was born in in 2305.

He rose through Starfleet's ranks to Captain in record time, commanding a starship for two tours.  Afterward he received a posting to the Office of Strategic Planning.

Upon promotion to Rear Admiral he headed a division in the Office of Strategic Operations

In 2366 he was appointed as Starfleet's Commander in Chief, the youngest person to hold the ofice at the time.

After the first Borg invasion of the Sol System, he took the following steps to strengthen Starfleet:

He also took steps to ensure that Starfleet did not lose its dedication to exploration as it made preparations against another Borg invasion and responded to the hostilities of the early 2370s.

In 2376, shorlty after the Dominion War, he resigned his commission and retired to a private life.

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