The Yorkshire class was a type of armored transport in use by Starfleet during the 24th century.

Normally crewed by three enlisted personnel and a Lieutenant Junior Grade, with room for 60 passengers and could accommodate 200 in an emergency among its three decks.

It was not a fast vessel, barely able to hold warp 9 for 12 hours, and normally moved along at warp 4 or 6.

A pair of type X phaser arrays and a forward photon torpedo launcher made up its offensive capabilities, though most combat operations were taken care of by its escort vessels.

Two shuttlecraft were carried aboard, but the bay did not offer maintenance facilities.

Known Vessels[edit | edit source]

USS Yorkshire

USS Blackhawk

USS Carrack

USS Cornwall

USS Caravel

USS Chinook

USS Cutty Sark

USS Denver

USS Huey

USS Impala

USS Naxos

USS Padrosas

USS Serifos

USS Terrier

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