Yoshi Fukazima was a Starfleet Flag Officer in the 24th century.

In 2338 he was aboard the USS Gettysburg during a patrol of the UFP-Cardassian border.  Then Ensign Gedna Tachion was part of a shuttle crew for Fukazima during the patrol.

By 2370 he was Starfleet's Chief of Fleet Operations.  He had a private meeting with Tachion before the he left Earth to assume command of the USS Lionheart.  There he shared his fears of the growing Dominion threat, and that fielding the Defiant class was the first step in putting Starfleet on a war footing.

In 2372 he was injured in a transporter accident, which allowed his assistant, Vice Admiral Robert Leyton, to attempt a military coup of the UFP.  Ater being returned to futy he attemped to resign his commission, but President Jaresh-Inyo refused to accept it, stating that he needed officers of honor and integrity in Starfleet now, more than ever.  After that he quickly began gearing Starfleet up for war.

In 2373 he issued orders immediately removing Captain Tachion from command of the Lionheart and transferring him to the center seat of the USS Brazen with a promotion to Fleet Captain.  ("Trial of Deict Part I")

Fukazima suffered two heart attacks in the first five weeks of the Dominion War.  He resigned his position and moved to an advisory post in February of 2374.  Two months after the signing of the treaty with the Dominion he retired from Starfleet.

In 2382 he was living on Alpha Centauri.


His father commanded a starship for fifteen years before transferring to Starfleet Command.

His mother was an assistant of a former Chief of Fleet Operations.

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